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Jacket - front


c. 1900

Very fine hand embroidered silver thread on cotton

Price Euros 350

Jacket - back

Condition very good - apart from stained armpits




c. 1920

Gold metallic thread on velvet

Condition - very good

Price Euros 215


Woven c. 1900

Condition - very good

Price Euros 575


Shahsavan Jajim - detail


Susanis from Uzbekistan, all were made c. 1965, and are hand embroidered, cotton on cotton. These make very decorative wall hangings, tablecloths or sofa covers. Detail photos on the right.




Prices for Suzanis:

417JL001 SOLD

417JL002 Euros 225

417JL003 Euros 295


Chunnis - are very fine chiffon shawls from the Punjab, traditionally worn to cover the head and shoulders. Each one has a different design which is beautifully hand embroidered with metallic thread. This example was made c. 1970. Chunnis are now very difficult to find, there are contemporary examples, but the workmanship is not comparable. The detail photos show the colours better, as being chiffon, when stretched out the colour appears less intense.



416MR013 Chunni Euros 135



Detail of 409MR001 Takia. Very finely hand embroidered cushion cover with mirrors, made c. 1960. India.

Price Euros 125


Kathipas from India, these are hand embroidered wall or table decorations with mirrors, made c. 1965, detail photos on the right.


Price Euros 50





409MR003 Kathipa Euros 65

409MR004 Kathipa Euros 140

409MR005 Kathipa Euros 140


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